Starting a New “Hearts of Space” 48×60 Painting Today!

I’m always excited to start a new painting and today’s no exception!

I love painting to music. It definitely transports me to another place! One of my favorite groups is Jazzmasters. This painting is inspired by their piece, “Hearts of Space,” which has a very ethereal and other-worldly feel to it, so I’m calling this painting, “Hearts of Space.”

I’m also completely blown away by the amazing images the Hubble Space Telescope has captured, so in my painting, I’m trying to transport you, the viewer, into space where you can enjoy that completely immersed “not-of-this-world” feeling.

Painting a big piece like this is somewhat intimidating because of its size (48″x60″). However, a painting representing space, needs to well- have plenty of  – space!!!

I used to paint in oils, but the whole turpentine thing was a huge turn-off. The fumes were terrible, and although I absolutely LOVE the intensity and transparency of oils, they are a royal pain-in-the-neck because they take forever to dry. (I actually added a drying agent to mine, but still, you have to be a patient painter, which I’m not!).

Believe it or not, I actually joined a group of artists in Tuscany and took all of my oil paints and supplies on the plane with me to Italy! We stayed in a hotel that was once  one of the Pope’s special retreats in Bagno Vignoni built in the 1400’s!!!! We painted on site in the Tuscany area and toured Siena, Pienza, San Gimignano and some other incredible towns!

A side note, I absolutely LOVED our hotel in Bagno Vignoni, with one exception. I have a LOT of hair and every day, I would turn on my hair dryer and blow the fuse for the entire hotel! Yep! I took the entire hotel down trying to dry my hair! A bit embarrassing! The staff would see me coming, “Oh, Allison! How is your hair???” It would take me about thirty minutes to dry it on low. Too much hair, too little voltage!

After that episode, and other incidents including me trying to transport my huge wet paintings in my small car when I painted on site on Sundays in the art gallery at the Grand Bohemian Hotel,  I switched to acrylics. Now you can buy water-soluble oil paints on the market that act just like oils, but clean up with soap and water. You can still build up transparent layers and layers, just like regular oils and the drying time is basically the same. If you’re like me and looking for a faster drying media, acrylics fit the bill, but because acrylic paints dry through evaporation, they end up looking darker when they dry, so you have to bump up the color. So each media has its pluses and minuses. You just have to try them and see what works for you!

So, I’ve got this piece started today and I’m feeling good about it! I’m listening to “Hearts of Space,” so I’m totally “in my zone” today.

So, here I am starting my masterpiece so come along with me and enjoy the ride! Allison Painting Hearts in Space








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