Three Steps in Three Days to Greater Creativity


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“Thinking in Pictures”

If you’re stuck in a creative rut, here are three easy steps you can take for three days to greater creativity.

#1 Get a hobby or try something new – today!

If you’re wondering why you can’t come up with any great, new creative ideas, it might be that you’ve concentrated all your efforts in one place. Do you have some outside interest? Maybe you love golf, or being outside, of you’re a film buff or vinyl record collector – or maybe you’ve thought about doing something else, but never had the time! This is the time to look outside of what you’re currently doing to pursue what interests you! Your renewed creativity depends on this step!

The main reason you’re stuck is that you’ve narrowed down your focus/attention to just one thing, to the detriment of everything else! There’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored and that’s exactly what you need to do right now, today!

So, choose something you want to do today and do it! It doesn’t matter what it is that you do, just do something – right now! As one of my favorite authors Napoleon Hill says, “Don’t wait. The time will never be just right!”

#2 Meditate

Yes, I know, this is overused, but research has cited lower stress levels to better mental acuity as direct benefits of meditation.

Meditation works because the process of quieting your conscious mind allows you to connect directly with your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind is always working in the background. It enables you to “have a feeling,” about something, when you know something, “isn’t quite right.” It’s the reason you “know” something is about to happen although you don’t know why you know!

Your subconscious mind is the combined knowledge of “everything” you know, although you don’t know you know it!

According to Deepak Chopra, the real purpose of meditation is “to answer, once and for all, the true nature of the mind. The pursuit of higher consciousness, the process of waking up, the journey to enlightenment – whatever term you use, meditation solves the problem of the divided mind opening the door to the whole mind.” He continues, “meditation puts you back in touch with reality,”

When you meditate, you’re in a relaxed state where every thought is recognized. As the “clutter” of your conscious mind subsides and your subconscious mind comes forward, amazing revelations emerge!

During meditation, patterns can emerge, visions can appear, problems can be solved. Sometimes, meditation is just meditation, a time to give your mind and body a wonderful respite! Sometimes revelations come later as if “out-of-the-blue!”

Meditation is easy and can be done anywhere, inside or outside! Just find a quiet place, get into a comfortable position, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. You can quietly repeat a word to yourself like “om,” or “peace” or just focus on your breathing.

As your mind focuses on the words or on your breathing, thoughts will rapidly come into your mind. Thank your mind for these thoughts, release these thoughts and continue meditating.

Studies have shown, according to that “as few as ten minutes of meditation per day can help you control stress, decrease anxiety, improve cardiovascular health and achieve a greater capacity for relaxation.”

Chopra describes the overall benefit of long term meditation as the eagerness to apply what one learns from meditation. “Once the spark is lit, the mind cannot wait to find out what reality is all about, because there is no difference between the true nature of the mind and the true nature of everything in existence.”

# 3 Get Outside

Yep. Get out of your chair and go outside. I’m just asking you to commit to about twenty minutes of being outside, so you can do it!

So, now that you’re outside, now what? Start looking around. If you start thinking about work, or whatever, reel your mind back to the present moment.

No matter what you’re thinking right now, stop thinking whatever you’re thinking and focus on what’s right in front of you! Focus on the here and now!

Just look around you and stay focused 100% in the present moment. Here’s what will happen! “I never knew there was a bridge right here and I go by here every day!”  “Look at that building! That is amazing architecture!”

“John!  I can’t believe it’s you! I was just talking about you to Joe the other day and here you are!” You and John agree to meet next week to continue your conversation about some exciting things he’s doing in his company in which he thinks you might be interested!

Doing these three steps for three days will re-direct your focus from being one-dimensional to being multi-dimensional! Suddenly, things start happening. You’ll get an idea seemingly “out-of-the-blue!” You’ll get a call from someone you were just thinking about! When synchronicity, or meaningful coincidences start to happen, you know you’re on the right path!








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