Passion Fuels the Flames of Love, but You Have to Know and Love Yourself Enough to Jump into the Fire!

Love is such a powerful emotion and there are so many types of love!

There’s a mother’s love for her children, there’s love for yourself and for your lover,  love of your country, your countrymen, your pet, the earth the sky! So many types of love!

It was recently illustrated that humans can easily love even inanimate objects like a piece of wood, so humans are definitely capable of loving, well basically – anything!

Then, why is it so many people lack love in their life, or the type of love they say they want?

One huge reason is trust! Let’s say you found the love of your life, but sometime in the past when you thought you’d found your dream guy/girl, they actually turned out to be your worst nightmare, so you don’t trust your own judgement!

Plus, who knows what might happen after you’re “in” a relationship? Maybe it’s all passion and hearts and flowers at the beginning of the relationship, but then as reality sets in, you’re right back where you started!

So, how do you know when to trust your judgement enough to know you can jump into the fire of passion without getting consumed by it?

When you are worse off without that person, than with them!

Think what it would be like if you could never be with that person ever again? Could you live without them? Would you be consumed by regret every day for the rest of your life, or do you think over a period of time, you would be sad, but able to go forward.

Regret is a terrible emotion. “Coulda, woulda shoulda!” We all look back at missed opportunities and shake our heads and say to ourselves, “If I had just listened to my heart,” or “If I knew then what I know now,” or “If I wasn’t just so scared to let go of what I had!” Everyone of us has probably regretted something they did or didn’t do!

Most regrets seem to fall into the “what I didn’t do” category instead of the “what I did do,” category!

So, first off! Fall in love with yourself! Know yourself and be true to who you really are instead of who you think you should be!

If you truly love yourself, then you want only the best for yourself. You can’t put yourself second, third or fourth to anyone. You have to come first. If you don’t love yourself, why would anyone else want to love you? You have to be love-able first!

Second, if your significant other has passed the test of “I’d rather live with him/her than without him/her, you’re on to the next step!

Third, jump into the fire! That’s right! Take the leap right now into the middle of the flames! Chances are if you’ve followed your heart and can’t live without the other person, you won’t get consumed by the flames, the flames will only fuel your passion!Wave of Bliss 200 dpi for Instagram 001










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