Three Quick Ways to Get Rid of Negative Self-Talk Forever

Do you have a friend who is constantly berating him or herself? They don’t need any criticism from anyone else because they are their own worst enemy!

This person might even be you! If this is your friend or you, here are three quick ways to get rid of negative self-talk forever!

#1 Recognize a negative thought

I know this sounds easy, but when you’ve programmed yourself to accept these negative thoughts as “normal,” changing these “normal” thought patterns can be challenging!

This is how negative self-talk works. “I really want that new promotion, and I know I’m qualified for it, but I think someone else will actually end up getting it!”

Where did this thought originate? In your mind, do you really think someone else is more deserving of this promotion or is it that you’re really afraid to admit you want that position but because you’ve been passed over before the thought of “wanting” something and “not getting” it is just too painful! So, you just sabotage yourself in advance, so now there is no pain in losing something you never had in the first place!

I know this sounds perfectly logical, but this kind of negative self-talk will forever keep you (or your friend) from achieving anything in life!

So, the next time you have a negative thought, recognize it as a negative thought! “Oh, wow! Thinking I’m not worthy of receiving this promotion for whatever reason is a negative thought!”

In your mind’s eye, place a huge brown “X” over that negative thought, cancelling out that negative thought in the present moment.

#2 Immediately Replace that Negative Thought with a Positive Thought

Here’s where the work begins! You’ve cancelled out the negative thought, now replace it with a positive thought like, “You know, I’ve really worked hard to get this promotion, and I really have a good feeling about getting it!”

How do the statements, “I really have a good feeling about getting it,” verses “I think someone else will actually end up getting it,” feel to you?

Thoughts are things and every thought you have determines your destiny!

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t you’re right,” says Henry Ford! I think I’d listen to Henry!

Your success in not an accident. You build your life one thought at-a-time.

#3 Visualize Your Success in Detail! 

If you are able to visualize your success in great detail, your mind is so powerful that it will be unable to tell the difference between a visualization and reality!

Close your eyes. Right now. Visualize – in detail- something you want to happen in your life. You see yourself doing or being whatever it is you want. You see yourself happy, rewarded and fulfilled. Visualize where you are, what you’re wearing, who you’re with, what you’re saying and what your co-workers are saying to you. How do you feel inside? What do you look like on the outside? What are other people saying about you? How does that make you feel?

If you act as if that experience has already happened, now you know it can happen! You know first-hand how it feels because you’ve been there, in detail!

These detailed visualizations might take some self-discipline at first to make them seem real, but in no time, you’ll be visualizing greater things for yourself!

What you believe is what you’ll see and whatever it is you expect to get is what you’ll get!

So, why not expect and get the very best from yourself every day?The Blue Hour 200 dpi for Instagram 001
















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