Three Quick Ways to Get Rid of Negative Self-Talk Forever

Do you have a friend who is constantly berating him or herself? They don’t need any criticism from anyone else because they are their own worst enemy!

This person might even be you! If this is your friend or you, here are three quick ways to get rid of negative self-talk forever!

#1 Recognize a negative thought

I know this sounds easy, but when you’ve programmed yourself to accept these negative thoughts as “normal,” changing these “normal” thought patterns can be challenging!

This is how negative self-talk works. “I really want that new promotion, and I know I’m qualified for it, but I think someone else will actually end up getting it!”

Where did this thought originate? In your mind, do you really think someone else is more deserving of this promotion or is it that you’re really afraid to admit you want that position but because you’ve been passed over before the thought of “wanting” something and “not getting” it is just too painful! So, you just sabotage yourself in advance, so now there is no pain in losing something you never had in the first place!

I know this sounds perfectly logical, but this kind of negative self-talk will forever keep you (or your friend) from achieving anything in life!

So, the next time you have a negative thought, recognize it as a negative thought! “Oh, wow! Thinking I’m not worthy of receiving this promotion for whatever reason is a negative thought!”

In your mind’s eye, place a huge brown “X” over that negative thought, cancelling out that negative thought in the present moment.

#2 Immediately Replace that Negative Thought with a Positive Thought

Here’s where the work begins! You’ve cancelled out the negative thought, now replace it with a positive thought like, “You know, I’ve really worked hard to get this promotion, and I really have a good feeling about getting it!”

How do the statements, “I really have a good feeling about getting it,” verses “I think someone else will actually end up getting it,” feel to you?

Thoughts are things and every thought you have determines your destiny!

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t you’re right,” says Henry Ford! I think I’d listen to Henry!

Your success in not an accident. You build your life one thought at-a-time.

#3 Visualize Your Success in Detail! 

If you are able to visualize your success in great detail, your mind is so powerful that it will be unable to tell the difference between a visualization and reality!

Close your eyes. Right now. Visualize – in detail- something you want to happen in your life. You see yourself doing or being whatever it is you want. You see yourself happy, rewarded and fulfilled. Visualize where you are, what you’re wearing, who you’re with, what you’re saying and what your co-workers are saying to you. How do you feel inside? What do you look like on the outside? What are other people saying about you? How does that make you feel?

If you act as if that experience has already happened, now you know it can happen! You know first-hand how it feels because you’ve been there, in detail!

These detailed visualizations might take some self-discipline at first to make them seem real, but in no time, you’ll be visualizing greater things for yourself!

What you believe is what you’ll see and whatever it is you expect to get is what you’ll get!

So, why not expect and get the very best from yourself every day?The Blue Hour 200 dpi for Instagram 001
















Passion Fuels the Flames of Love, but You Have to Know and Love Yourself Enough to Jump into the Fire!

Love is such a powerful emotion and there are so many types of love!

There’s a mother’s love for her children, there’s love for yourself and for your lover,  love of your country, your countrymen, your pet, the earth the sky! So many types of love!

It was recently illustrated that humans can easily love even inanimate objects like a piece of wood, so humans are definitely capable of loving, well basically – anything!

Then, why is it so many people lack love in their life, or the type of love they say they want?

One huge reason is trust! Let’s say you found the love of your life, but sometime in the past when you thought you’d found your dream guy/girl, they actually turned out to be your worst nightmare, so you don’t trust your own judgement!

Plus, who knows what might happen after you’re “in” a relationship? Maybe it’s all passion and hearts and flowers at the beginning of the relationship, but then as reality sets in, you’re right back where you started!

So, how do you know when to trust your judgement enough to know you can jump into the fire of passion without getting consumed by it?

When you are worse off without that person, than with them!

Think what it would be like if you could never be with that person ever again? Could you live without them? Would you be consumed by regret every day for the rest of your life, or do you think over a period of time, you would be sad, but able to go forward.

Regret is a terrible emotion. “Coulda, woulda shoulda!” We all look back at missed opportunities and shake our heads and say to ourselves, “If I had just listened to my heart,” or “If I knew then what I know now,” or “If I wasn’t just so scared to let go of what I had!” Everyone of us has probably regretted something they did or didn’t do!

Most regrets seem to fall into the “what I didn’t do” category instead of the “what I did do,” category!

So, first off! Fall in love with yourself! Know yourself and be true to who you really are instead of who you think you should be!

If you truly love yourself, then you want only the best for yourself. You can’t put yourself second, third or fourth to anyone. You have to come first. If you don’t love yourself, why would anyone else want to love you? You have to be love-able first!

Second, if your significant other has passed the test of “I’d rather live with him/her than without him/her, you’re on to the next step!

Third, jump into the fire! That’s right! Take the leap right now into the middle of the flames! Chances are if you’ve followed your heart and can’t live without the other person, you won’t get consumed by the flames, the flames will only fuel your passion!Wave of Bliss 200 dpi for Instagram 001










Creativity should be encouraged, not squelched!

How many times have you met someone that’s totally disconnected from their “authentic self,” and they don’t even know it!

When we’re kids, we love to play and create fun things! We love letting our imagination run amuck  and pretending to be whatever we envision.

Einstein kept his child-like curiosity and never stopped wondering about things like, “What would it be like to travel along a light beam?” He was involved in a group that debated works in philosophy, mathematics and science. His personal motivation led him to create his theory of relativity.

Einstein also played the violin. Radical breakthroughs have often been discovered by self-motivated individuals who are engaged with at least two domains.

So study anything that fascinates you! Keep learning new things and wondering why things work, or don’t work! Don’t let what you “should” be interfere with what you “could” be! The Land of Counterpane Low 200 dpi 002

According to Einstein, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

So, today I’m dedicating my painting, “The Land of Counterpane” (painted in acrylics) to the child in each one of us! Never lose that sense of child-like curiosity!

The Land of Counterpane  by Robert Louis Stevenson

When I was sick and lay a-bed,

I had two pillows at my head,

And all my toys beside me lay

To keep me happy all the day.

And sometimes for an hour or so

I watched my leaden soldiers go,

With different uniforms and drills,

Among the bedclothes, through the hills;

And sometimes sent my ships in fleets

All up and down among the sheets;

Or brought my trees and houses out,

And planted cities all about.

I was the giant great and still

That sits upon the pillow-hill,

And sees before him, dale and plain,

The pleasant land of counterpane.








Another Beautiful Day in Paradise!

It was another magical sunrise today! I don’t know why I’m surprised to see another beautiful sunrise, but I am! This one completely took my breath away!

I was walking around the lake and the sunrise was reflecting in the water. I was able to take a picture of the sunrise and the reflection in the water from the bike trail.

The sunrise this morning reminded me of my trip to Egypt. The way the sun came up and highlighted all the palm trees.  I always wanted to go to Egypt and see the Great Pyramid of Giza  and when I got my chance, I was able to tie in a trip to the Cairo Museum of Egyptian Antiquities. I actually saw the treasures from King Tut’s Tomb!

I arrived in Port Said, Egypt for my trip to Cairo and Giza. If you arrive by cruise ship, those wanting to visit the pyramids are transported by bus. I was one of about 50+ people excited about going to the pyramids. Our bus hostess quietly announced, “Don’t be alarmed. This is standard operating procedure. There will be two jeeps accompanying us to the pyramids. Do not be alarmed! Everyone in the jeep (four guys in each jeep) will be armed. This is entirely standard operating procedure. They will be traveling with us for your safety. So enjoy your trip to Giza”

Suddenly, the 8 guards armed with Uzis in the two jeeps appeared as if out of nowhere. One jeep traveled in front of our bus and the other behind. It was a longer journey than I expected, so I had a chance to see our “armed guards” as they came alongside the bus. I stared in horror and amazement as they appeared to me to be teenagers wielding automatic weapons!

At one point, the bus stopped at a “toll” area for the changing of the guards. Everyone was ordered off the bus. I’m thinking, “This is it.” Why was I thinking that, because, at the “tolls” there were 4 or 5 “bunkers” on each side of the road

complete with guards armed with, yep, you guessed it, Uzis facing the tolls. We were standing on one side of the road by the tolls. Just waiting – and waiting.

I’m thinking to myself, “We’re probably going to be gunned down while we’re waiting on the side of the road for our reinforcements to arrive,” but eventually they arrived and we were off again to the pyramids.

The Orlando Magic was hitting their stride at that time, and my “camel jockey” escorting me to the pyramids on his camel was sporting an Orlando Magic baseball cap, and me being from Orlando, we had lots to talk about!

The pyramids didn’t disappoint! You have to actually see the size of the pyramids up-front-and-personal to see the scale of each individual block. The Great Pyramid is   definitely one of the wonders of the world. The Great Sphinx was amazing, too!

The whole idea of the pyramids acting as somewhat of a springboard for the Pharaohs to the afterlife is intriguing. If they wanted to build something that would last forever, they did a great job, since they were built somewhere between 2550 to 2490 B.C.!

What’s really surprising is that the Giza pyramids  are on the edge of the sand and practically in people’s backyards!

The pyramids are surrounded on three sides by the city and the Great Sphinx faces a TGIFriday’s! So, like everywhere else, urban sprawl is eating away at any and all  available land. Greater Cairo’s population is estimated to be around 20 million people!

If you ever get a chance to visit the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Cairo, you must go! I was fortunate to see all the treasures from King Tut’s tomb on display, but it is well worth a visit even without seeing Tut’s treasures. It will blow you away!

Egypt is an amazing place and one that I absolutely loved and will never forget! I’m glad that I have sunrises that remind me of what an amazing planet we live on and how fortunate I am to have traveled to some of the amazing wonders of this world!






Starting a New “Hearts of Space” 48×60 Painting Today!

I’m always excited to start a new painting and today’s no exception!

I love painting to music. It definitely transports me to another place! One of my favorite groups is Jazzmasters. This painting is inspired by their piece, “Hearts of Space,” which has a very ethereal and other-worldly feel to it, so I’m calling this painting, “Hearts of Space.”

I’m also completely blown away by the amazing images the Hubble Space Telescope has captured, so in my painting, I’m trying to transport you, the viewer, into space where you can enjoy that completely immersed “not-of-this-world” feeling.

Painting a big piece like this is somewhat intimidating because of its size (48″x60″). However, a painting representing space, needs to well- have plenty of  – space!!!

I used to paint in oils, but the whole turpentine thing was a huge turn-off. The fumes were terrible, and although I absolutely LOVE the intensity and transparency of oils, they are a royal pain-in-the-neck because they take forever to dry. (I actually added a drying agent to mine, but still, you have to be a patient painter, which I’m not!).

Believe it or not, I actually joined a group of artists in Tuscany and took all of my oil paints and supplies on the plane with me to Italy! We stayed in a hotel that was once  one of the Pope’s special retreats in Bagno Vignoni built in the 1400’s!!!! We painted on site in the Tuscany area and toured Siena, Pienza, San Gimignano and some other incredible towns!

A side note, I absolutely LOVED our hotel in Bagno Vignoni, with one exception. I have a LOT of hair and every day, I would turn on my hair dryer and blow the fuse for the entire hotel! Yep! I took the entire hotel down trying to dry my hair! A bit embarrassing! The staff would see me coming, “Oh, Allison! How is your hair???” It would take me about thirty minutes to dry it on low. Too much hair, too little voltage!

After that episode, and other incidents including me trying to transport my huge wet paintings in my small car when I painted on site on Sundays in the art gallery at the Grand Bohemian Hotel,  I switched to acrylics. Now you can buy water-soluble oil paints on the market that act just like oils, but clean up with soap and water. You can still build up transparent layers and layers, just like regular oils and the drying time is basically the same. If you’re like me and looking for a faster drying media, acrylics fit the bill, but because acrylic paints dry through evaporation, they end up looking darker when they dry, so you have to bump up the color. So each media has its pluses and minuses. You just have to try them and see what works for you!

So, I’ve got this piece started today and I’m feeling good about it! I’m listening to “Hearts of Space,” so I’m totally “in my zone” today.

So, here I am starting my masterpiece so come along with me and enjoy the ride! Allison Painting Hearts in Space